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Chandra is currently serving as the Chief Deputy Recorder in the Stephenson county office and has served in the County Clerk's office and the County Treasurer's office for a total of 14 years.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information System and a Master's Degree in Business Administration (with an emphasis in Human Resources).

Chandra comes from a humble and hardworking background. As a single parent (Stephenson county population had 46% single parents in 2020), she recognizes and lives the responsibilities it takes to do a job that effects our county residents' lives.

People know her as a personable and trustworthy person working in the background who gets the job done.

As lifelong resident of Stephenson county, with her family, Chandra is rooted in and invested in the long-term wellbeing of our community who understands the issues we face. Her father Johnny Morris, Jr. worked at Kelly Springfield Tire Company for 40 years as a member of the United Steelworkers. She knows the duties and responsibilities of County Clerk and Recorder positionOur County, and potentially the office holder, risks getting sued with the wrong person in the position.

Ms. Morris' education and experience gives her the knowledge to embrace the importance of details, new technology and the change that future may bring to our county. Despite running for an elected position for the first time, Chandra has shown remarkable ability to stay committed to her current job of serving the people.


Election Integrity

Currently, there are zero election integrity issues in Stephenson county that have been brought up reliably and proven, contrary to any rumors. Chandra's priority will be to keep our election process clean and credible for everyone. Any official complaint would be investigated with a high priority.

Tax Dollar Savings

With knowledge and familiarity of existing processes, comes insight into where tax dollars can be saved and processes improved upon. This insight also helps improve services given to our county residents and tax payers. Open Feedback from community members is a big part of that process. She will continue to work with County leadership to make service improvements and optimize tax funded programs that help keep costs down for our community. Experience helps achieve all of this.

Efficiency and Modernization

Chandra's 14 years of work experience within the county offices and background in information technology makes her deeply aware of improvement scope and how technology can help. She will continue to work towards improving processes, without disrupting services rendered to our county - since county citizens and tax payers are the highest priority.

Accountability and Collaboration

Keeping records accurate and easily accessible is a big part of this office's duties. This office handles indexing and retention of all records since the County began in 1837. Records must be kept indexed and legible for eternity for public inspection. This office needs educated and experienced person to run smoothly. Chandra's education, life and work experiences have helped her know importance of details and how each small things can impact lives of our county residents. Our County, and potentially the office holder, risks getting sued with the wrong person in the County Clerk and Recorder position. Working with county officials on regular basis, keeping our community's interests in focus is and will be a high priority.


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