Chandra Morris is currently employed in the Stephenson County Clerk & Recorder’s office. In addition to the election duties, this office handles indexing and retention of all records since the County began in 1837. These records include birth, death, and marriage records, licensing, the capture of all tax rate levies, county board minutes, payroll for all Stephenson County employees, all sold taxes, deeds, mortgages, the release of mortgage, and all plats and surveys. Each must be kept indexed and legible for eternity for public inspection. This office is the complete circle of County responsibilities.

Chandra has also reached into the community to volunteer her time with her church, Mt Calvary Church of Good in Christ, and is an NAACP member. She was recently elected to serve on the Freeport Area Church Cooperative Board of Directors. She is committed to raising her family in Stephenson County and electing her will allow a smooth transition into the future.